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I have been testing the e-mail alerts since January this year and during that time I have found cheap return flights to destinations such as Berlin, Warsaw, Treviso, Basel, Luxembourg City, Gothenburg and many more. Dates covered include: midweek Tuesday to Thursday trips; Thursday to Sunday, Friday to Monday and Friday to Sunday weekend flights. I also look for day trips where you can fly out early in the morning and return late at night the same day.

Recent Flight Alerts
  • Bremen, Germany: £40 return for 3 nights
  • Verona, Italy: £34 return for 3 nights
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: £30 return for 3 nights
  • Sofia, Bulgaria: £63 return for 3 nights
  • Bergen, Norway: £63 return for 3 nights
  • Basel, Switzerland: £50 return for 3 nights
+How does this work?

Every day I search for weekend, midweek and day return flights from different UK airports to Europe and beyond, compile the ones with the best prices, dates and departure/return times.

+Can I request custom alerts for particular destinations?

I do not offer personal flight consultations but if you send me an e-mail, I'll try to keep an eye on flights to that destination.

+Which airports do you cover?

I cover most of the major airports in the UK and Ireland. When you sign up you have the option to chose your preferred airport.

+Will you fill my inbox with spam e-mail?

E-mail alerts are sent out once a week, so your inbox will not be flooded with rubbish. If you have chosen to receive alerts from multiple airport regions, you might receive more than one e-mail a week.

+How 'cheap' is cheap?

Most city breaks can cost between £200-£250 (including flights, hotels and a few other bits). For that to happen, your flights must cost no more than £60. However, that being said, I will send alerts for flights costing more than that if the price is a good one for that particular airline and/or destination.

+Okay, I've signed up but I can't see any e-mails?

Make sure you add info[at] to your address book once you've signed up. You might also want to check your spam or junk folder as the e-mails sometimes end up there.

+How does your payment system work?

I use a secure payments platform called Chargebee to handle all payments and subscriptions. When you sign up for the annual subscription you will be sent instructions on how to set up an account to help you manage your subscription.

+How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an e-mail to info[at] and I will remove your account from my system. You can also click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of every e-mail alert.